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B1: OTT by the Numbers: A Data Analysis of OTT Usage, and Conclusions on Meeting Consumer Needs

Track B – Monday 15 May 
10:30 – 10:50

Millennials may have led the way in cutting the cord, but their elders are right behind them. OTT is gaining share in the overall video consumption market, with only a few social and technological barriers to achieving complete market domination. This presentation will give the audience a deep-dive analysis of OTT usage by device, geographic region, performance vectors and providers, leveraging the unique insights of Level 3’s significant network footprint and big data analysis. Learn about the competing tensions between what end users require from OTT, and how providers work to differentiate through technology to meet those expectations in an increasingly competitive market.

Presented by: Jon Alexander

B2: How The Network Is The Key To Delivering A Good Quality Of Experience

Track B – Monday 15 May 
10:50 – 11:15

Global content providers are getting more involved in the network infrastructure game to create better user experiences and realize advertising and subscription revenues. They now realize that the network has to perform in a different way to execute on their business. As a result, carriers have responded by aligning with CDN operators and leveraging infrastructure and proximity to provide improved broadband products in response to new user demands. This presentation will discuss how the network plays an essential role in this new environment and helps delivery quality of experience to users.

Presented by: Glenn Calafati

B5: The Importance of QoE Data in Providing a High-Quality Viewing Experience

Track B – Monday 15 May 
13:30 – 13:50

This session will explore why a publisher’s video delivery ecosystem partners also need a holistic view of consumers’ Quality of Experience (QoE) in today’s open and unpredictable internet environment. Learn how top-tier media companies and OTT video broadcasters and operators are using intelligent data to adapt to the evolving entertainment landscape and how correlations can be made across the video delivery workflow to understand the impact of experience as it pertains to the engagement of your audience.

Presented by: Ed Haslam

B6: How To Unleash the Power Of The Edge Cloud

Track B – Monday 15 May 
13:50 – 14:10

Much of today’s data is generated by users at the edge of your network, so why not process, serve and secure it there? This presentation will discuss how Fastly partners have build on their edge cloud for added value. Find out how customers have enhanced their offerings by building custom apps on Fastly’s edge cloud platform.

Presented by: Simon Wistow

B8: Combining Your Existing CDN With A Private Content Delivery Solution

Track B – Monday 15 May 
15:50 – 16:10

This presentation will discuss how CDNs have evolved from the customer perspective. As digital content delivery grows, customers need to understand how to grow their CDN strategy to match. In this presentation, you will learn the benefits of a hybrids CDN strategy. Also, you will gain specific technical insights into how to build your own CDN and the value it delivers.

Presented by: Reza Naghibi