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C202: HOW TO: Live Streaming Without the Big Price Tag

Track C – Friday 3 November 
11:30 – 12:30

There is lots of information on the market for “how to send a quality live stream” out to the web, but what if you are broadcasting to a live audience such as a church congregation, live concert or conference. There can be no margin for error, no chance of buffering, internet dropouts, and how do you stream live music, concert or worship? With groundbreaking software and creative workflows, this presentation will open your eyes to what is possible with live streaming in this context, without issues and without the big price tags.

Presented by: Mike Humberstone

DT202: Discovery Track

Discovery Track – Friday 3 November 
11:30 – 12:30

Cloud-Based Distribution and Decoration of Broadcast Channels for Better OTT Linear Services

In a world of ubiquitous OTT video consumption, tracking and matching content rights with viewers locations, subscriptions or devices, is a much taller order than for traditional set-top box based broadcast or pay TV. OTT TV also promises better monetization via the untapped potential of dynamic and targeted insertions. For broadcast linear channels in particular, rights resolution and smarter insertions require that channel providers deliver video with clean and reliable metadata to their OTT partners. This new distribution and decoration of linear channels is a key component of the OTT value chain.

Presented by: Jean Macher

Digital Watermarking Alliance

More information coming soon.

C203: How To: Reducing Latency and Startup Times

Track C – Friday 3 November 
13:45 – 14:45

Low latency and fast startup times are KPIs for most streaming video producers, particularly for live events. Though a series of structured tests that measure startup time, latency, and network overhead, this session documents the results achieved by reducing fragment sizes, using hybrid fragment sizes, adjusting player parameters like first variant retrieved and the number of fragments retrieved before playback starts, opening a persistent connection between player and server, and other experiments. Results will be shown for computer playback as well as tvOS and Roku. Youll learn the most effective strategies for minimizing startup time and latency without swamping your network with additional HTTP requests, and what youll need to do to implement them in your encoding and delivery workflows.

Presented by: Jan Ozer

B203: Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business

Track B – Friday 3 November 
13:45 – 14:45

Microsoft has been extremely busy this year with announcements on its collaboration strategy. So what does this mean for your enterprise video streaming strategy? This session will detail the features and functionality of Microsoft Stream as it exists today, the roadmap for Microsoft Stream, and how it may differ from your current implementation. Special detail will focus on Microsoft Stream live streaming functionality as well as integration Microsoft Teams.

Presented by: Andy Howard

DT203: Discovery Track

Discovery Track – Friday 3 November 
13:45 – 14:45

Mobile First: How to Meet Viewers Where They Are

Viewers are already mobile first. That means OTT and TVOD producers need to shift their mindsets to put mobile strategies at the forefront of their planning and development. In this presentation, Phunware’s Daniel Blackburn breaks down this game-changing shift — and how content producers can succeed with a savvy mobile strategy from development to launch and user engagement.

Presented by: Daniel Blackburn

LS203: Latency Still Sucks: So What Can You Do About It?

Live Streaming Summit – Friday 3 November 
13:45 – 14:45

As live event streaming explodes in popularity, latency—whether time to first frame or end-to-end—is the elephant in the room. Live event streams are competing not only with broadcast and cable, but also with social media, and viewers’ tolerance for long latency times is dwindling. In this session, learn about the various ways to reduce latency at all points in your live streaming workflow, from acquisition to delivery to video player.

Presented by: Jason Thibeault, Rob Dillon, Lee Erickson, Charley Thomas, Rob Post

A203: Publisher Tools and Content Discovery on the Roku Platform

Track A – Friday 3 November 
13:45 – 14:45

Roku is the pioneer of streaming to the TV and offers a unique platform for content publishers and developers. In this session, Roku will provide an overview of tools available to publishers, how to make the most of them and what monetization strategy is right for your content. Some topics covered will be new enhancements to Roku Direct Publisher, advertising tools and capabilities and some updated features and content discovery.

Presented by: Ben Strong