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A204: Building an End-to-End Streaming Workflow

Track A – Friday 3 November 
15:15 – 16:00

Although the technology keeps getting easier to use, building end-to-end streaming workflows can still be challenging. In this session, we walk you through installing software and building numerous on-demand and live streaming workflows. Along the way, we cover options and best practices for each step. Applicable scenarios include enterprise video, mobile journalism, sporting events, concerts, education use cases, and many more. You learn about streaming formats and architectures (including on-premises vs. cloud vs. hybrid), plus technologies and solutions for specific needs.

Presented by: Tim Dougherty

LS204: Live Streaming Today & Tomorrow

Live Streaming Summit – Friday 3 November 
15:15 – 16:00

The Summit comes to a close with a panel discussion examining the state of live streaming in 2017 and looking at where it’s headed in the future. Will its growth continue unfettered, or are there roadblocks that will slow the expansion? What are the key technical and business challenges it faces? And what role will new technologies like HEVC, HDR, 4K, and VR/360° play in the live streaming of tomorrow?

Presented by: Chris Knowlton, Dan Swiney, Dror Gill, Ali Moiz, John Petrocelli, Rob Hedrick, Skip Pizzi