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B8: Combining Your Existing CDN With A Private Content Delivery Solution

Track B – Monday 15 May 
15:50 – 16:10

This presentation will discuss how CDNs have evolved from the customer perspective. As digital content delivery grows, customers need to understand how to grow their CDN strategy to match. In this presentation, you will learn the benefits of a hybrids CDN strategy. Also, you will gain specific technical insights into how to build your own CDN and the value it delivers.

Presented by: Reza Naghibi

A8: How To Drive Revenue By Improving Cloud and Mobile Application Performance

Track A – Monday 15 May 
15:50 – 16:10

No one would argue that cloud application performance doesn’t matter – but how does performance translate into business impact? This presentation will walk through specific technical approaches that leading organizations around the world have taken to optimize web and mobile application performance that result in the most significant revenue impact for the business.  The punchline – done right, the opportunity is to drive 5% to 10% or higher digital revenue by optimizing cloud application performance, integrity and security.

Presented by: Greg Kushmerek

A9: CDN Market Update: Web Performance and CDN Pricing Trends

Track A – Monday 15 May 
16:30 – 17:30

This presentation will detail the competitive landscape for video and web performance services and highlight some of the new vendors and solutions in the market. Attendees will also get the latest data on the size of the content delivery industry as well as expected growth forecasts for both revenue and traffic volumes. Learn the current pricing points for video delivery services and web performance and hear about the market drivers, trends that will determine what customers pay in the future and get an update on do-it-yourself CDN deployments.

Presented by: Dan Rayburn