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A101: How To: Identifying Real-World Options for Live Streaming Playback

Track A: Track A – Tuesday 16 May 
10:30 – 11:30

The tech world at large believes that we’re ready for a Flash-less world, and that HTML5 has had plenty of time to play catch up and surpass Flash capabilities. In this session, learn which transport technologies from HTTP, WebRTC, RTSP, and even RTMP work best, when to use them, and where to put your development dollars for maximum return.

Presented by: Robert Reinhardt

B101: Unique Ways To Integrate Streaming Into Corporate Communications and Training

Track B: Track B – Tuesday 16 May 
10:30 – 11:30

To date, most corporate implementations of streaming media in the enterprise have focused on corporate communications and training. Now, organizations are starting to use Streaming Media in customer facing environments and in revenue generating opportunities. This will be the next breakthrough in Streaming Media in the enterprise and education. This session will present real world scenarios of how streaming media has been used to improve customer service, gain new customers, and provide additional services – often times through a combination of streaming video and real time video and audio. This can’t miss session will get you thinking about ways to take your streaming implementation to the next level.

Presented by: Andy Howard, Sunny Panesar, Brian Patterson

C101b: Progressive Web/Media Apps and Their Impact On Mobile Media Distribution

Track C: Track C – Tuesday 16 May 
11:00 – 11:30

Progressive Web Apps allow websites to offer app-like experiences with offline access, fast loading and immersive user experiences. For media companies, these features make the mobile web an attractive distribution platform with new ways to optimize the viewer experience and the ability to offer new capabilities such as offline playback. This talk will discuss some of the key features of Progressive Web Apps, discuss real-world outcomes, and show an open source application that uses PWA features to offline and pre-cache media for responsive and flexible playback.

Presented by: John Pallett

C102: Increasing Viewership and Video Revenue with Syndication & Social

Track C: Track C – Tuesday 16 May 
11:45 – 12:30

Social networks have experienced an explosion in video consumption. As a result, they have become increasingly more important to publishers and content owners for discoverability, audience reach and monetization. In this session you will hear about the landscape for video across social platforms and how to take advantage of the opportunities at scale. Learn about how content owners can delight audiences and generate revenue while maintaining brand visibility on social, and the importance of viewing metrics in social distribution during this interactive discussion.

Presented by: Anil Jain, Michael Philippe, Jonathan Moffie, Rob Dillon, Claudia Page

B102: Secure OTT: The Do’s And Don’t Of Multi-DRM In An HTML5 World

Track B: Track B – Tuesday 16 May 
11:45 – 12:30

The industry has made big strides forward in bridging the divides between HLS and DASH, Fragmented MP4s and Transport Streams, CBC and CRT, and the myriad little details that continue to cause fragmentation and chaos in delivery and rendering of DRM-secured content to devices. Achieving cost-effective, cross-platform secure playback remains a critical yet mostly unsolved challenge. While the unified vision of HTML5 and seamless playback across browsers is still several years from potential fruition, there are methods to conquer the madness and implement delightful, yet secure, OTT services. This presentation will provide an update on the state of DRM including insight into the apps vs browsers debate, customer needs, and best practices recommendations.

Presented by: Avni Rambhia

DT102: Discovery Track

Discovery Track – Tuesday 16 May 
11:45 – 12:30

Is H.265 All That Its Cracked Up to Be?

The bandwidth savings and encoding performance of HEVC is undeniable, but how does it fit into existing workflows? This discussion will cover the pros and cons of moving to H.265, how to get the most out the new compression standard, and best practices for integrating HEVC without reinventing your workflow.

Presented by: Jon Landman

Why Operational Analytics Are Vital to Support Live Streaming QoE

While the price of success is high, the cost of failure is even higher. Using operational streaming analytics to monitor and support streaming media deployments is as important as—and in many cases more mission critical than—just deploying an in-player streaming analytics solution. In-player and last mile solutions focus on issues as they affect the customers, which is often too late and does little to improve customer retention and minimize churn. Operational streaming analytics alert content distributors and live streaming solution providers to delivery problems as they happen and provide immediate solution responses, before they become end user issues.

Attend this session for your chance to win: GoPro Hero 5 ($399 value)

Presented by: Mitch Askenas

D102: Media Processing Workflow For OTT Delivery: Software Versus Hardware Platforms

Track D: Track D – Tuesday 16 May 
11:45 – 12:30

While traditional media delivery is mainly driven by hardware platforms, OTT delivery solutions rely a lot on software processing from ingest, to transcoding and playback especially with the migration of the whole media processing chain to software-dominated cloud compute services. This presentation will go through the pros and cons of software and hardware processing solutions. It will also discuss recommended processing components to build an OTT platform especially with the convergence between OTT and broadcast applications.

Presented by: Tarek Amara

LS102: The Live Linear Challenge

Live Streaming Summit – Tuesday 16 May 
11:45 – 12:30

As services like Sling TV and Direct TV grow in popularity, viewers are becoming accustomed to being able to replicate the lean-back broadcast experience familiar. But live linear streaming presents a daunting array of challenges, from ingest and encoding to DRM, metadata, and ad insertion. This panel will explore these challenges and discuss a range of solutions.

Presented by: Jason Thibeault, Rob Post, Guy Tasaka, Andre Vawdrey

A102: How To: Comparing And Choosing The Best HEVC Codec

Track A: Track A – Tuesday 16 May 
11:45 – 12:30

Content distributors and aggregators adding HEVC to their delivery pipeline will have plenty of codec options, but who has the time to evaluate their features, output quality, and performance? No worries—codec specialist Jan Ozer has done the work for you. He’s evaluated leading contenders like x265, MainConcept, Beamr, Intel, and NTT and he’ll share his results. Youll walk away from this session with a much clearer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your HEVC encoding options for VOD streaming.

Presented by: Jan Ozer

DT103: Discovery Track

Discovery Track – Tuesday 16 May 
12:30 – 13:45

Social-Media Streaming for Pro AV

Social media streaming is exploding right now for businesses of all sizes. Learn about the tools needed to deliver a professional production to take advantage of the interactivity and massive subscriber base of Facebook Live, YouTube and other social services. Well walk you through encoding setups for a budget of any size to include dedicated audio, pro HD cameras, API integration and multi-streaming.

Attend this session for your chance to win: Epiphan Webcaster social media streaming device ($299.95 value)

Presented by: Sylvain Pigeon

Leveraging IBM Cloud Object Storage to Improve Streaming CDNs Performance and Cost Efficiencies

Todays CDN platforms are upgrading and building out infrastructure to reach increasingly larger numbers of consumers mobile devices and SmartTVs across North America, Europe and Asia, and extending their reach to the rest of the world. IBM Cloud Object Storage can provide CDN long tail and origin storage with the advantages of its patented object storage: nearly infinite scalability, 10+ nines of reliability and availability, and the lowest total cost of ownership of any storage platform available today. This presentation will provide all stakeholders in the digital supply chain with usable information about your options for CDN storage.

Presented by: Bruce Ross