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D104: HOW TO: Selecting the Right Streaming & Video Management Technology

Track D – Thursday 2 November 
14:45 – 15:30

Despite all the vendor marketing hype and so-called “objective” white paper publications, there is no one “best” system: There’s one that’s right for you, your business needs, your technical requirements, your integration points, and your budget. This presentation helps attendees identify their unique requirements for an effective video management solution. We identify the mistakes that many technology buyers make and provide best practice advice on how to avoid these mistakes. We discuss the options facing buyers looking for new technology for video review, approval, and delivery. Attendees get advice on how to get to a vendor short list, submitting useful RFPs, what questions need to be asked, and other tips to ensure you choose the right solution.

Presented by: Jarrod Gingras

D105: HOW TO: Comparing AV1, VP9, HEVC, & H.264

Track D – Thursday 2 November 
16:00 – 17:00

Many content distributors and aggregators still use H.264 as their primary, if not exclusive codec, but the bandwidth savings incident to newer, more powerful codecs are alluring. Those considering a switch must evaluate at least three options; HEVC, VP9, and the Alliance for Open Media’s AV1 codec, which should be close to release by the close of 2017. In this session, codec specialist Jan Ozer evaluates the quality of these codecs and compares them to H.264. Learn how much bandwidth you can save with each and how the newer codecs compare from quality and implementation perspectives.

Presented by: Jan Ozer

B105: So Many Platforms, So Little Time: Winning The Race For Reach

Track B – Thursday 2 November 
16:00 – 17:00

For content providers, achieving ubiquitous reach in today’s fragmented market often is a race against time and resource limitations. Unlike the simpler early days of web video, providers must write apps for hundreds of variations of mobile and streaming devices, gaming consoles and smart TVs, or risk losing market share to larger or more aggressive competitors. At the same time, many digital-first content providers are focusing on social media video experiences, further disrupting the landscape. This panel would bring together traditional and internet content providers to discuss strategies that can be used to quickly and efficiently extend cross platform reach and streamline app store certification processes.

Presented by: Allan Isfan, Tedd Cittadine

C105: Measuring The Success of Video On Social Media

Track C – Thursday 2 November 
16:00 – 17:00

Brands are expanding their budgets and resources into social media and online video marketing, yet less than 20% of marketers believe that social media has proven its quantitative impact on their business. In this interactive session, you will hear how brands value their media investments, track their data across social platforms, and leverage it to impact sales and reputation. From global view count, to platform specific formats and influencers, the panel will share their insights and perspectives into the KPIs of successful content.

Presented by: Amadea Choplin

DT105: Discovery Track

Discovery Track – Thursday 2 November 
16:00 – 17:00

4K Live Streaming Tools and Best Practices

Not only is 4K streaming here now, it is surprisingly affordable! In this session we will talk about the best tools for the job and the setup needed to ensure an optimal experience for all viewers.

Attend this session for your chance to win: vMix 4K software ($700 value)

Presented by: Martin Sinclair

Low-Latency Live Video Streaming – Meeting the Growing Viewer Demand

As consumers increasingly go online to watch live sporting events, enjoy live video gaming, and participate in online gambling, delivering the lowest-latency live streaming experiences becomes critical for content distributors. In this session, we’ll discuss the motivations, challenges and solutions for delivering live video streams at sub-second latencies at global scale, without sacrificing the video quality your audiences want and expect. We’ll also cover the common use cases for low-latency live streaming and financial benefits driving innovation.

Presented by: Charlie Kraus

A105: Case Study: Delivering An Immersive 360-Degree, VR Sports Experience

Track A – Thursday 2 November 
16:00 – 17:00

This panel will feature participants from Harmonic, Nokia, and PCCW to discuss the challenges that PCCW Global faced to deliver an immersive 360-degree, VR sports experience during the 2017 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament. Speakers will detail the workflow used, revealing how PCCW Global delivered exceptional UHD quality to VR head-mounted devices. By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a greater understanding of how they can elevate the sports fan experience, unveiling each and every angle of the action in exceptional UHD quality with stunning 360-degree, VR visuals on any device.

Presented by: Thierry Fautier, Devon Copley, Margareta Sauger

LS105: Live Streaming Spotlights

Live Streaming Summit – Thursday 2 November 
16:00 – 17:00

Leaders in live streaming present case studies that take you behind the scenes of some of the industry’s biggest success stories. Details announced soon!

Commoditizing High Bit Rate Contribution

For more than a decade, the media industry has been able to endure inferior contribution signals as an acceptable trade-off for wider distribution, first-to-air, and cost savings. However, today’s consumers are demanding higher-quality content, forcing media companies to deliver exceptional consumer experiences that require higher bitrate contribution. Learn how the media industry is overcoming the limitations of public internet while maintaining security and control of their data to deliver higher quality content.

Presented by: Jonathan Solomon

To be announced